New Referral system 2020/10/02


The referral system has been totally revamped.
You can now earn more  DP DP for each referee you make and you can also benefit from the ingame blizzlike "Recruit-A-Friend" system.

September accounts

Accounts created in september had an issue.
They now have been fixed (edit the information in the ucp_settings) and a few bonus DP have been given.

The FastWOW team

ICC buffs improved 2020/09/05

ICC buffs have been upgrade from +5% to +15%.

Health increased by 15%. Healing and absorption effects increased by 15%. Damage dealt increased by 15%.

The FastWOW team

Web Accessibility 2020/08/27

The website is now entirely browsable with the keyboard which will be appreciated by people with disabilities or power users who find it more convenient to forgo the mouse for the keyboard (try it with [TAB]  ).

The FastWOW team

Ticket system improved 2020/08/04

Ticket system

The ticket system has been worked on for a while and will now permit to answer your issues the right way, using the IG ticket interface.

What this means is that you can expect better support from us!


  • The store now displays the amount of articles per category.
  • The bugtracker has been slightly improved.
  • The UCP has been slightly improved.


  • The guild vault is now usable by all the members of the starting guild "Newcomers". Read the guild info.
  • One issue which [...]


The FastWOW team

Transmogrification updates 2020/06/12


  • Added a hearthstone for Death Knights on creation (Scourgestone) in order to save time and... play fast!
  • Added food on character creation and a welcome message.


  • Transmogrification now costs 5 tokens but you can obtain them for free with [vote points] or by acquiring the best pet Ethereal Soul-Trader Beacon. Otherwise, you can order them through the store.
  • Added one transmogrifier per capital city.
  • Guards will now indicate where the transmogrifiers are.
  • Gave 6 [...]


The FastWOW team

Arena vendors update 2020/06/05


  • Items unusable by your class were displayed in vendors' menu, thus making you waste time sorting the results mentally. Now it's no longer the case. If you see more of these, please report on our bugtracker.

Arena Seasons

  • Added 3 vendors selling all the missing Arena weapons (seasons 1-4 near the Circle of Blood, season 5 in the Underbelly) in a perfectly sorted order :)
  • Totally revamped the arena seasons 1-4 armor vendors in the Sun's Reach Armory. They will now be sorted [...]


The FastWOW team

Your reported bugs fixed 2020/05/22

Here is a small news about bugs we fixed that got reported on our bugtracker:

  • Fixed a critical issue with Felmyst (those who reported it know what it means).
  • Fixed a high priority issue with the Dungeon Finder. You can now use it in solo even after you died!
  • Fixed an issue with the Ahn'Qiraj quest requiring you to loot an item from Nefarian (Nefarius's Corruption).
  • Fixed a small issue with a non combat pet (Mojo, the frog that transforms you into another frog).

The FastWOW team
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