Bugtracker v3 2020/04/25

The bugtracker has been greatly improved and made accessible to everyone in the UCP (only few players had access to it until now).

Minor but noteworthy IG update:

Players can now take a log ride in the Grizzly Hills by talking to Darrok or Gordun (in the Blue Sky Logging Grounds).

The FastWOW team

Store Articles v2.2.0 2020/04/25

1. Donation Points DP:

  • Several character services are now available: name change, appearance change, race change and faction change.
  • DP to VP conversion is available.
  • Emblems of Triumph is available in the Gear Currencies group.

2. Vote Points VP:

  • You can now convert 90 VP into 3 DP.
  • VP to DP ratio increased! You will now get more DP when converting your VP.
  • Preserved Holly now costs 3 VP instead of 1 DP.

So let's vote!

The FastWOW team

Crossfaction ICC 2020/04/24

Icecrown Citadel and dungeons involving the opposite faction are now doable with a crossfaction group!

The FastWOW team

Night Elf Mohawk 2020/04/20

The Night Elf Mohawk has been added in various locations:

  • Azuremyst Isle
  • Dun Morogh
  • Durotar
  • Elwynn Forest
  • Eversong Woods
  • Mulgore
  • Teldrassil
  • Tirisfal Glades

He won't be present all the time though.

night elf mohawk screenshot

The FastWOW team

Store Articles v2.1.1 2020/04/13

1. Donation Points DP:

2. Vote Points VP:

The FastWOW team

Small changes 2020/04/09

  • Creating a new guild now only requires 2 signatures.
  • The Auction House bot will no longer list useless items.
  • The Auction House bot will now list more items.

The FastWOW team

Store update 2020/04/06

New group

Added a new subgroups to browse called "Gear currencies"" under the "Gear" group, which contains tokens, emblems, badges for ilvl 120 to 200 items.

New items:

Created and added these new items to the store:

  1. Eternal Frooty Choco Bar
  2. Demonic Hearthstone

Added 3 items for high level quicker leveling (check group LEVELING & HEIRLOOMS):

  1. Goblin Repetition Reducer
  2. Arcane Revitalizer
  3. Spinal Reaper

Prices lowered:

  1. All heirlooms
  2. Gold pieces
  3. Preserved Holly
  4. Skybreaker [...]


The FastWOW team

Achievements update 2020/04/05

Realm First

Players will now earn titles for reaching level 80 as the first of their race or class! It also applies to the first in each profession!

The titles have been added to those who reached them already (2 players).

Glory of the Raider

Achievements Glory of the Raider (10 player) and Glory of the Raider (25 player) will now reward you with a special mount!

The FastWOW team
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