Store Articles v2.3.1


  • Added some profession related items like the Weather-Beaten Journal that teaches you Fish Tracking.
  • Added funny items (like a Murloc Costume).
  • The Eternal Frooty Choco Bar and the Demonic Hearthstone are now account bound.
  • Many pets that are obtainable IG are now bound to your account (most notably, very rare drops). You can mail them to all your characters.
  • Many pets have been modified to have extra funny behaviours ingame.
  • The mounts will be reworked and some will become account bound.




  • Reworked all the pets articles in the store. Lowered their prices, added new pets etc...
  • Do not miss these rarely seen pets: Lil' Phylactery and Soul-Trader Beacon

The FastWOW team
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