• FastWOW is meant to be played fast and enjoyed fast.
  • You can have fun in solo, with a small group or with a large group.
  • Level fast, kill fast, craft fast, travel fast... do everything fast!
  • Less downtime and more action!

Server info

  • Expansion: Wrath Of The Lich King (WOTLK) - 3.3.5a
  • Type: Altered Blizzlike PVP
  • Concept: Fast paced / medium-high rates
  • Starting level: 1


  • Quest Experience1: 5x
  • Kill Experience1: 2x
  • Gold: 2x
  • Higher Quality Item Drop Chance2: 5x
  • World Drop Chance3: 6x
  • Profession Skills: 3x
  • Arena Points: 3x
  • Honor: 3x
  • Reputation: 2x


Major features:

  1. Dungeons and raids automatically downscale to players' level
  2. Dungeons and raids automatically scale to the number of players in a group (cf: FAQ)
  3. Crossfaction battlegrounds
  4. Crossfaction groups
  5. Crossfaction chat / mails
  6. Crossfaction guilds / friends
  7. 1v1 arenas
  8. Transmogrification
  9. Characters can learn every primary profession

Minor features:

  1. Loot more items from end game bosses
  2. Mobs are faster to kill but they kill you faster too
  3. Mobs are more dangerous in packs but can be avoided more easily
  4. Dungeon Finder enabled for solo players or small groups
  5. Gain experience and useful tokens in PVP

QOL improvements:

  1. Advanced anticheat
  2. Automatically learn spells on level up
  3. All flightpaths known on character's creation
  4. Instant flightpaths
  5. Raid reset NPC
  6. Beastmaster NPC to allow hunters to tame animals instantaneously
  7. Instant mana/HP regen & cooldown reset at the end of a PVP duel
  8. Reset talents for free

  1. Applies to hunters' pets as well. ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Each quality has a specific rate but all items have a much higher chance to drop from mobs↩︎

  3. Applies to shared instance drops as well. ↩︎