1. How good is the server?
    We believe our core is one of the best at the moment, whether we talk about the quality of the scripted content, the stability (the uptime), or the performances (no lag).
  2. Is it free?
    Yes, FastWOW is entirely free to play.
  3. Where is the server hosted?
    In Europe, but the ping is quite good from other continents too.
  4. Is multiboxing allowed?
    No. Read the rules.
  5. Is the Raid Browser working?
  6. If I see a cheater or a botter, what can I do?
    Report them in-game via a ticket, and they'll be dealt with by the staff.
  7. What are the increased rates for?
    Each rate makes the game more rewarding and faster to play. For example, you will gain more experience points, you will make more honor in PVP, you will earn more profession skill points when crafting etc...
  8. How does dungeon scaling work?
    Dungeon and raid enemies' level is automatically scaled down to match the lowest player level in the group. Enemies' level is not upscaled.
    Enemies' spells and attacks are scaled down too. Note that the spell descriptions (buff/debuff) might display erroneous values because they are hardcoded in the client files, but it's only a visual issue.

    Dungeon scaling only applies if the expected group size is not matched.
    Example: if there are 5 players in a 5-man dungeon, there is no scaling.

    We made sure that the scaling is challenging, and therefore, it should be easier to run an instance with a full group.
  9. Can I solo the entire game?
    No, but almost.

    The majority of dungeons (5-man) is soloable in normal mode. In heroic mode, dungeons may require a minimum of 2 players depending on the encounter.
    Raids may require atleast 2-5 players (or slightly more) depending on the raid size (10/20/25/40), difficulty (normal/heroic/hard mode), boss mechanics or expansion.

    Note that the end-game dungeons and raids of each expansion (levels 55-60, 70, 80) require extra care, so you should bring a correct equipment and enough consumables.
  10. The heroic dungeons' scaling is tougher than the raids' one.
    Yes, it is intended since raids are harder than dungeons by nature.
  11. Monsters and bosses seem to be harder to beat than normal, is it intended? And how do I beat them?
    Yes, it is. FastWOW is more challenging than your average WOTLK server and may require more strategy and preparation than usual.
    Mobs and Bosses have been slightly buffed. Mobs will also attract more enemies when you pull them, but on the other hand, their aggro range has been reduced.
    If an encounter is too hard, you will have to rely on crowd controlling spells, careful pulls, consumable usage (potions, scrolls etc...) or simply bringing more people to the fight.
  12. Can I do 5v5 arenas?
    No, they are replaced by 1v1 arenas for now.
  13. When will my ticket be answered?
    We read every ticket (and we may even read the closed tickets). It might take a while before we answer but we reply to everybody unless you purposefully closed your ticket or if the ticket makes no sense.
  14. I have found a bug, what should I do?
    You should report valid bugs on our bugtracker. Ingame tickets are not indicated for such case.
  1. Can I change the website's language?
    Yes, you can by going to the User Panel settings but not everything is translated yet. The main language is English.
  2. How do I get Vote Points and Donation Points?
    To get Vote Points, you have to vote on our vote page.
    To get Donation Points, you have to make a donation on our donation page.
    You can also convert one currency into the other in our store.
  3. I don't receive my Vote Points!
    To get your Vote Points after voting, you have to follow a specific procedure. Read carefully the vote page, everything is explained.
  4. Why is there no forum or discord or something along those lines?
    Our server is new and our team is tiny. Therefore we can't afford to spend time on creating, managing and fixing anything else than the website and the game server.
    You can however contact us through ingame tickets or through our bugtracker (both require to be registered). We read every bug report and every ticket.
  5. Is the website mobile-friendly?
    Yes, the website works on any screen size.
  6. Is the website accessible to people with disabilities or those who don't use a mouse to navigate?
    Yes, we made sure the site is entirely navigable through the keyboard.
  1. Who is behind the project?
    We are a small team but we have experience with development (on Mangos, TrinityCore, AzerothCore), server launching, and system administration (devops).
  2. Project history:
    FastWOW is a project that started in and was in development for more than one year.
    From the beginning, the goal was to provide an appealing WOTLK experience with as few downtime as possible.
  3. Are you recruiting moderators and GMs?
    Yes, most notably active members of the community. Contact us through ingame ticket.